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Fund Name
AAUW WW Branch Scholarship Fund
Admin for BMCF Fund
Admin Operating Reserve Fund
Althadel Beamer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anderson Family Endowment Fund
Anderson Family Scholarship Fund
Anna Magallon Fund
Ann P. Kibler Memorial Fund for Retarded Citizens
Ann Weatherill Memorial Advised Fund
Ann Weatherill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anonymous Fund #6
Archer Ranch Fund fbo Dayton Columbia County Fund
Archer Ranch Scholarship Fund
A. Richard & Mary Ellen Juris Endowment Fund
Arthur & Norma Griff Sustaining Endowment Fund
Arts & Culture Community Impact Fund
Athena Caledonian Games Fund
Baker Boyer Sustaining Endowment Fund
Baker Mudd Nursing Scholarship Fund
Basic Needs Community Impact Fund
Bayne Family Scholarship Fund
Ben & Sue Dickinson Memorial Scholarship
Benton City Wranglers Educational Trust
Beta Theta Pi Scholarship Fund
Betty C. Medlar Memorial Scholarship Fund
Betty Rae and Luetta Anderson Scholarship Fund
Big Blue Boosters Fdn Fund
Bill & Kaye Miller Family Scholarship Fund
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Fund
Blue Mountain Humane Society Endowment Fund
BMAC Continuation of Adult Literacy Fund
BMCF Administrative Inkind
BM Heritage Soc Smith Hollow Country School House
Bob and Eleanor Burgess Scholarship Fund
Bobby Cox Memorial Scholarship Fund
Booker Annex Nursing Home Endowment Fund
Boy Scout Trust Fund
Broom Family Memorial Endowment for the Waitsburg Historical Society
Carnegie Center Fund for the Arts
Carol and Jim Peterson Family Fund
Cecil & Verdie Hart Fund
Charles J Broughton Jr & Darlene B Broughton Scholarship Fund
Charles McCune Endowment Fund
Charlotte Hart-Mabel Groseclose Mem'l Scholarship Fund
Charlotte Mikkelsen Scholarship Fund
Chas.E. Elliott Charitable Fund
Chester Steen Fund (fbo Christian Aid Center)
Chris & Karen Moore Fund
Christ Lutheran Church Pass-Through Fund
Clarence B. Smith Designated Fund
Clarence B. Smith Discretionary Fund
Clarence B. Smith Sustaining Endowment
Clarkston High School Memorial Scholarship Fund
Claudina Keen Trust Fund
Collin Snider Firefighter Scholarship Fund
Columbia County 4-H Endowment
Columbia County Ambulance Endowment
Committee of 500-An Assn of the WWU
Conditional Gifts for Designated Funds
Cystic Fibrosis Endowment Fund
Darlene B Broughton Endowment Fund
Darrell and Nadine Marks Memorial Fund
David Bashore Relief Fund
David & Ken Bjorklund Scholarship Fund
Dayl & Doris Graves Scholarship Fund
Dayton Cemetery Endowment
Dayton/Columbia County Washington Fund
Dayton Great Strides Award Fund
Dayton-Waitsburg Community Health Fdn Fund
Deloris Dickenson King Memorial Fund
Denise Richmond Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dixie Cemetery Fund
Donald C. & Ruth F. Roff Fund
Donald Duncan Memorial Fund
Donna Underman Fund
Donna Underman Humane Society Endowment Fund
Dorothy Bjorklund Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hockett Kappa Alpha Theta Scholarship Fund
Dos Rios Fund
Earl and Jane Ferguson Endowment Fund
Earl and Jane Ferguson Pass-through Fund
Earl and Jane Ferguson Scholarship Fund
Earl and Lucille Blake Endowment Fund
Earl and Lucille Blake Scholarship Fund
Earl Brown & Sons
Earl Brown & Sons Employee Scholarship Fund
Economy Community Impact Fund
Ed and Gloria Lawrence Fund for Music and the Arts
Education Community Impact Fund
Edward F. Fields Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eileen Cummins Collier Fund
Eleanor S. Kane Sustaining Endowment Fund
Elks Lodge No. 287 Endowment
Emmanuel Lutheran Church Designated Fund
Emory Clapp Scholarship Fund
Endowment for Strings (Rogers Adventist School / WW Valley Academy)
Environment Community Impact Fund
Family Fund for Columbia County Youth
First Fruits Fund
FirstFruits Scholarship Fund
Fix Scholarship Fund
Flathers Fort Walla Walla Fund
Flathers Planned Parenthood Fund
Frances Edmonson Fund
Frank & Sally Mitchell Fund
Frazier Farmstead Museum Endowment Fund
Freeman Cornwall Smitten Fund (fbo St. Paul's Episcopal Church)
Friends of Dayton Memorial Library Endowment
Friends of Sheldon King Fund
Friends of the Waitsburg Pool Fund
Garfield County Health Foundation Fund
Garrison Middle School Track Maintenance Fund
GCACH SE Washington Fund
Gene & Jean Frank Scholarship Fund
Gillespie Teacher Development Fund
God's Gifts
Goodwill Industries of Walla Walla Endowment Fund
Gordon and Edna Arthurs Fund
Greg & Linda Brown Family Fund
Hannah MacDonald Scholarship Fund for Families in the Hospitality Industry
Hardy E. Hamm (Friends of Dayton Library) Fund
Harold Jackson Youth Exchange Outbound Students Fund
Health & Wellness Community Impact Fund
Healthy Community Fund
Henry Worden Scholarship Fund
Herring House Endowment Fund
Hevel Waitsburg Fund (designated)
Hevel Waitsburg Scholarship Fund
Homer I. and Persephone B. Watts Memorial Fund
Howard & Pearl Burgess Scholarship Fund
Initiatives - Short Term
Iverson Sustaining Endowment Fund
Jack McDonald Memorial Scholarship
Jack Yantis Integrative Arts in Classroom Fund
James B. Owsley Charitable Remainder Unitrust
James McClellan Annual Lecture Fund
James N. Lamar Foundation Designated Fund
James N. Lamar Foundation Scholarship Fund
Jean Ferguson Endowment Fund (fbo Carnegie Art Center)
Jim Kibler Agriculture Scholarship
John and Elaine Reese Family Fund
John Eagon Scholar-Athlete Award Fund
John Israel Scholarship Trust Fund
John P. "Jack" Fredrickson Designated Scholarship Fund
Johnson/Lehmann Junior Club Scholarship Fund
John W. McGillis Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Karen J. Earle Endowment Fund
Katherine Guinn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kathleen M. Owsley Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Kegley-Mayo Memorial Endowment Fund (fbo WW Presbyterian)
Keith and Rhonda Olson Endowment Fund
Keith P. and Helen C. Fenner Scholarship Fund
Ken and Dorothy Bjorklund Family Fund
Kenneth Garner Designated Fund (fbo Pioneer Methodist Church)
Kenneth Garner Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kenneth Garner Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kenneth M. Dean-Quixote Scholarship Fund
Kessler Anderson Endowment Fund
Kezele Family Endowment for Walla Walla Catholic Schools
Larry and Debora Zalaznik Endowment Fund
Larry & Claire Siegel Family Fund
Larry Harding Vocational Scholarship Fund
Larry Hoof and Kathy Foster Fund
Larry Jay Brittain Memorial Scholarship Fund
Larson Family Fund
Laura & Carl Peterson Sustaining Endowment Fund
Laura Jean Hevel Endowment Fund
Lawrence and Margaret Slater Scholarship Fund
Lee and Mary McMurtrey Fund
Leonard & Shirley Isaacs Fund
Lester M. Bruce Memorial Fund
Louis B. and Genevieve P. Perry Fund
Margaret A. Ganguet Charitable Trust
Margueryte & Bern Mercer Scholarship Fund
Marilyn Jensen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marion S. White Fund
Mary Jane Aylward Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marylou and Vernon Kegley Endowment Fund
Mary N Koch Mem'l Scholarship Fund
McJunkin Family Scholarship Fund
Melvin L and Marian B Page Endowment
Merle Burnham Caulkins Scholarship Fund
Mike and Sue Gillespie Family Fund
Mike and Sue Gillespie Sustaining Endowment Fund
Milton-Freewater Athena Weston Fund
Missy O. Peterson Endowment Fund FBO Books for Babes
Morasch Family Fund
Neace Family Scholarship Fund
Neighborhoods & Communities Impact Fund
Nels Winter Park Manor Memorial Trust
Norah Timm Charitable Fund
Norah Timm Sustaining Endowment
Northwest Grain Growers Robert Abbey Memorial Scholarship Fund
O. A. & Marion S. White 4-H Scholarship Fund
Olney Family Scholarship Fund for Prosser HS
Ora V. & E. Frances Grubbe Endowment Fund
Oregon East Symphony Endowment Fund
Otto Bismark Michel Sustaining Endowment
Parker Barrett Testamentary Trust fbo Pioneer Methodist Church
Passmore Family Fund
Pass-Through Fund
Paul Bjorklund Firefighter Development Fund
Paul Bjorklund Memorial Scholarship Fund
Peggy Cummins Memorial Endowment for Carnegie Center
Pepin Family Fund
Pete and Dolores Peery Designated Endowment Fund
Pete and Dolores Peery Sch & Ln Fund FBO North Central Missouri College
Pete and Dolores Peery Student Scholarship & Loan Fund
Pete and Dolores Peery Sustaining Endowment Fund
Peterson Fund FBO Walla Walla Valley Historical Society
Peter Venneri Youth Scholarship Fund
PGE Tucannon River Wind Habitat Project Fund
Philanthropy NW - BCP
Phoenix Fund
Phoenix Fund Walla Walla
Pickleball Replacement Fund
Pierre & Margaret Ganguet Fund
Pioneer United Methodist Church Capital Projects Endowment Fund
Pomeroy-Garfield County Cemetery Fund
Pomeroy-Garfield County Washington Fund
Pomeroy Playground Equipment
Pomeroy Scholarship Fund
Prescott Presbyterian Church Capital Scholarship Fund
Price Blue Mtn Humane Soc Endowment Fund
Price WW Valley Historical Soc Endowment Fund
Prosser Scholarship Fund
Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center Endowment
Puget Sound Energy Lower Snake River Wind Habitat Project Fund
Ralph and Elsa Emigh Scholarship Fund
Ralph R. Bennett & Mary Ellen Bennett Scholarship Fund
Richard S. and Vera T. Perry CRUT
Roberta Bell Kraemer Scholarship Fund
Robert Jackson & Dolores Jackson FLIP Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Robert W. Jackson & Dolores Jackson Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Ruth & Dick Thomassen Fund
Scribner Fund for Walla Walla Trees
Steven Moss Endowment Fund
Steven & Rozanne VanAusdle Fund
Sustaining BMCF Endowment Fund
T.B. Elliott Student Scholarship & Loan Fund
Ted Berry Memorial Scholarship
Terry Copple Scholarship Fund
The Jensen Family Fund
The Markham-Banks Fund
The Mulkerin Family Fund
Tichi-Groom Scholarship Fund
Touchet Educational Foundation-Evelyn & Don Patterson Memorial Fund
Touchet Valley Arts Council Endowment Fund
Touchet Valley Arts Council Fund
Velma Egan Sustaining Endowment Fund
Velma W. Egan Fund
Vista Hermosa Foundation Scholarship Fund
Wade H. Wolfe Sr. Family Fund
Waitsburg High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Walla Walla-Columbia School Retirees Association Fund
Walla Walla County Census 2020 Fund
Walla Walla Credit Bureau fbo United Way of Walla Walla
Walla Walla Public High Schools Scholarship Fund
Walla Walla Sheltered Workshops Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Agency Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Lodge Endowment Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Physical Education Endowment Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Scholarship Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Work Match Fund
Walla Walla Valley Academy Worthy Student Fund
Walla Walla Valley Care Net
Walt Roloff Scholarship Fund
Ward & Vera Hoskins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Warren Community Action Fund
Watts/FS LeGrow Library Fund
Watts Fund for Gem Theatre
Wesley D Kessler (Class of 1927) Scholarship Fund
Wheatland Insurance Ctr Inc Employees Children & Grandchildren Scholarship Fund
William & Delora Harpe Scholarship Fund
William E. and Mary G. Falconer Designated Fund
William E. and Mary G. Falconer Scholarship Fund
Williams Family Trust
Winston and Virginia Heacock Sustaining Endowment Fund
Wolf Healy Family Fund
Wolf-Healy Fund to Benefit Catholic Charities of Walla Walla
Wolf Healy Scholarship Fund
Wolf Healy Sustaining Endowment Fund
Wujek Family Fund
WW Presbyterian Building Renovation & Accessability Fund
WW Valley Bands Fund
WWVA Plant Upgrades Thrasher-Sadoyama Endowment Fund
WWVA Student Scholarship Thrasher-Sadoyama Endowment Fund
YMCA Endowment Fund